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    Club House


    #1 Tee the beginning of Your Round at Harmony Golf Club

   #5 The approach shot.

 # 5 the "Beauty & the Beast"    We consider this our Signature Hole.  You tee-off on this 519 yard par 5 into a fairway with a field on the right and a line of birch trees on the left separating this hole from #6 fairway. At about 160 yards from the hole just inside the left edge of the fairway is a lone oak tree whose branches sometimes seem to reach out and grab your ball. Just ahead on the right is a large sinkhole that can hide part or all of the green if your shot is to far too the right. In front of the green there is a beautiful pond with oak trees on it's right and left. Be careful not to fly the green on your approach shot because there is not much room behind it. Once on the green take time to make a good read as even though the large green slopes toward the pond, it may in some spots break uphill. This hole can play either as the "Beauty" or the "Beast" if you play your shots right a birdie is available but if the oak tree, sinkhole or pond get you... who knows! 

    From #5 Green looking back (hopefully not counting too many strokes.)

    Looking back from #7 Green - a small two level tricky putting green to the two tiered tee.

    The patio where you can sit and enjoy refreshments before or after your round and watch other players on their finishing hole.

  View of #9 Green from the Patio

    The Lounge/Bar where you can relax and enjoy refreshments or snacks in a comfortable  indoor setting with another view of #9 Green and #1 Fairway.

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